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Every unnecessary feature has been kept out without exception
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9 February 2012

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This is a screen capture tool.

Screenshoter as a easy and intuitive tool for capturing your screen. There are two choices available when capturing the screen. You can go full screen of course, but choose to capture an area of the screen as well. The simple interface has all the settings and choices arranged nicely. It is really like a simple form with clicks to make your choices. The formats of the images captured are BMP, PNG and JPG. For the JPG format you have choices of image quality so that the file size can be controlled accordingly. If you need the cursor to be captured, that’s possible too. Clicking on the “screenshot” button gives you the current image of the screen. If required, the screenshots can be transferred automatically to the system clipboard too.

There are several applications thus possible that this tool can help with. You want to create a description of a software operation, operation of a game or any such training and/or operation manual. These images will exactly tell the user what to expect and what to do consequently. The best part of the deal is that this tool is free to use. The tool can be available all the time without disturbing your work area. Simply minimize it to the system tray. A simple and handy tool for capturing screens for whatever reason. It is supplied as an executable, there are no complicated installation to be done.

Publisher's description

Use Screenshoter as a very easy and intuitive tool for capturing your screen - It's feature-rich, uncomplicated, portable and free.
Every unnecessary feature has been kept out without exception. Click on the button or push the "Print Screen" key on your keyboard and the screen will be directly saved as an image - Done!
It's still possible to customize all settings: Capture just a certain area of the screen or the currently active window, display the mouse cursor or set the saving image format (JPG, PNG or BMP). Other features such as setting up the image quality and automatically copying the screenshot to the clipboard are available as well. Moreover Screenshoter has a special "Compact mode" and can be minimized to the tray so it doesn't block your work.
Worth mentioning is that full screen applications can be captured as well. With this advantage it's easily possible to create high quality screenshots of games, websites, office programs and even movies!
Screenshoter is the right choice if you prefer a simple program to a complex one. It doesn't need an installation, is powerful but easy to understand and best of all: Completely free of charge!
Version 1.6
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